Insulated Backflow Covers

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          U.S. Patent 6,820,639

* Extremely versatile and simple to use
* Fits virtually all brands and models of backflow assemblies
* Easy installation, installs in seconds
* Makes a backflow device easily accessible
* Larger backflow devices can be covered using two Fitrites installed “inside to inside”
* 16" X 21", two fastened together 21" X 32"
* Made of weatherproof insulating materials
* Extends your watering season
* Retains much of its insulating value when saturated with water or covered with snow
* Has proven its value since 2002 in the harshest of climates
* Allows backflow devices to function properly
* Stores well on store shelves or in contractor’s trucks
* Comes shipped in a plastic sleeve to keep it free of dirt and debris
* Is reasonably priced and costs less than most repair kits
* Available at many retail outlets and through your irrigation distributor
* Is fully protected under U.S. patent laws



Distributed by:
Uniflame Corporation
Winston-Salem  NC  27104