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          U.S. Patent 6,820,639

March 4, 2008

I have used the backflow covers for over two years, both in my landscape business and for my personal use. They do well in keeping the vacuum breakers from freezing. The ones I purchased in 2004 are still in good working condition. I feel they are an excellent choice and I would highly recommend them.


Steve L. Korby
Korby's Landscape, LLC
Ft. Collins, CO

We have been in the sprinkler business for 18 years in Colorado. Needless to say we have seen a lot of freeze damage. However, we have never seen any damaged backflow devices that were wrapped with a Fit-Rite cover. We have reccommended and sold them for several years with no complaints.

Mike Anderson, owner
Fort Collins Sprinklers Inc.
Ft. Collins, CO


March 5, 2008

I’ve been in business over 30 years. I have tried other ways to insulate vacuum breakers but have found that the Fitrite Backflow cover is not only the easiest way but it will last for years. Also, you can remove it in seconds to work on the backflow device.

Jerry Rollins, President
Rollins Landscaping & Maintenance, Inc.
Ft. Collins, CO

I wanted to send you a note of thanks for your helping to make our local Ace Hardware customers successful with their Colorado home sprinkler systems. Widely swinging spring and fall temperatures present a real freeze challenge for customers who are passionate about a beautiful lawn and vibrant garden. Your Fitrite ll helps prevent damage to our customers' expensive backflow devices so they can enjoy a longer watering season of their lush lawns and green gardens.
Thanks for making a difference with your innovative product!

Best regards,

Edgar Schramma
Ace Hardware
Johnstown, Colorado

The Fitrite backflow covers are easy and basic to use and install. They work great for overnight freezes, especially when it drops an additional 5-10 degrees than what was forecast.

Dana Adoretti
Sprinklers Etc., Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO


LL Johnson Distributing Company has had the pleasure of selling this item since April 2003. Our customer response to the product was extremely favorable.
I personally bought one for my own home last year, and I would highly recommend it to all my friends and our customers as well. It is a great product. It is high quality, and very easy to install.
Some of our contractors are including a Fitrite cover in the price of their new sprinkler installations, as well as an optional add on when they do spring fire-ups and winterizations in the fall.
We see potential for many more sales in the future, and this product could be used as a promotional item to increase sales.

Leanne Montoya
Counter Sales/Estimating
L.L. Johnson Distributing Co.
Ft. Collins Branch

Fitrite covers are the only frost proof covers we use. They are easy to
install and quick to remove, and hold up to the weather very well. Our
customers just leave their covers on year round because they are much more
pleasant to look at than just the brass vacuum breakers.

Hoods Equipment and Sprinkler LLC.
Casper, WY

Not only have I sold Fitrite backflow covers to my customers, but it is what I trust to protect the backflow devices on my own home."

Justin Ross
Owner of Ross Construction, LLC
Cheyenne, WY


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