Insulated Backflow Covers

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        U.S. Patent 6,820,639

The Fitrite II™ is available through your local irrigation distributors and at many Home Depot, Lowe's and
Ace Hardware stores.

If they aren't available, ask the store manager to stock them.


“The backflow cover that fits like no other!”

Tepsin, LLC is excited to announce the availability of Tepsin ‘s Fitrite II™ insulated backflow blanket. It is the sprinkler contractor and homeowner’s easiest solution for preventing freeze damage to backflow devices during an unseasonable cold snap or overnight freeze.

The Fitrite II™ is made of weather and waterproof materials and retains much of its insulating characteristics even when saturated with water or covered with snow. It is relatively simple and installs in seconds without much effort. It can also be removed and re-installed easily making it ideal for backflow testing.

It is extremely versatile as it fits virtually all makes and models of backflow devices. Two Fitrite II™’s installed “inside to inside” can accommodate backflow devices of different configurations and larger sized backflow assemblies.

Fitrite II™’s are individually wrapped in a plastic sleeve to protect them from dirt and debris. They are relatively compact and store well on store shelves and in contractor’s trucks. The blanket is also reasonably priced and in most cases it lists for less than the cost of a single backflow repair kit (never mind the labor to do the repair or the aggravation of running to the distributor/hardware store)!

The insulated blanket has proven its value during cold snaps in the Front Range of Colorado and in similar markets in Casper and Cheyenne, Wyoming. In essence, the Fitrite II™ allows sprinkler system managers and owner’s the option of extending the watering season (spring or fall) without as much worry, allowing a little more “peace of mind”.


Distributed by:
Uniflame Corporation
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